Premium Quality at the Right Price

What you can expect to have done for Exterior and Interior Painting

Exterior Painting
• Scrape and sand to remove loose paint
• Fill voids and cracks in siding and trim, with the appropriate patching compound for the substrate
• Re-glaze windows
• Caulk where necessary
• Prime where necessary
• Apply top-quality finish paint
• Always clean up afterwards
We Paint your house or business with the highest quality paints and coatings. We use only the highest quality brands of exterior paint, with proven effectiveness against sun, rain, mildew, chipping, and peeling.

Interior Painting
• Wash all areas that may cause adhesion problems
• Caulk and putty wherever necessary
• Perform minor drywall repairs
• Prim bare wood, drywall, and stains
• Mask and protect floors, furniture, and belongings
• Scrap and sand as necessary
• Apply top-quality interior paint
• Always clean up afterwards

We give attention to detail, giving you a quality and professional job that you deserve. We protect your valuable non-painted surfaces, your carpet, flooring, and furniture.
At Tecumseh Painting, we have the right tools for the right job, to help you preserve, protect, and enhance your properties value, giving you the best return on your investment.

You have a choice of quality materials
• Paint Quality Choices (cost per gallon my vary)
- $25.00 per gallon last 2-3 years
- $ 35.00 per gallon last 5-7 years
- $45.00-and above last 10 years to life.
• Surface Preparation
- 90% of the paint job
- Is a vital step to a professional, long lasting result
- This includes scraping, sanding, feather sand, belt sanding, replacement of rotten wood, filling holes, priming surface.
- This ensures you the longest lasting finish possible
• Number of colors wanted:
- Why the number of colors you want will affect the cost
• It takes more coats to apply
• It takes more time spent to do a job
• The painter must clean the equipment after each color
• If all one color, there is less cleaning time in-between
• Walls, ceilings, and trims may require different colors, and a different type of paint
- Why the number of coats affect the cost
• More time is spent to complete the project
- Why the shade of color applied can affect the cost
• If going from dark colors to light, more preparation time is required, a primer or a block may need to be applied to cover the existing color
• More coats often must be applied to cover existing coverage
- Why the type of paint used can affect the cost
• Whether you need oil, latex, enamel, all of these can effect cost per gallon
• Quality of paint and its endurance time can affect cost.
• Another type of paint on the existing surface other than what is there for a quality finish, (example: if you have latex on the wood, but need it to be changed to oil or vice versa)
• Using the correct products on the surface can directly affect the lasting value